Ian Cooke’s ‘Fortitude’

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Since he released his debut solo album, "The Fall I Fell," four years ago, Denver cellist, pianist, and singer Ian Cooke has received national acclaim for his music and shared the stage with artists such as Devotchka, The Flaming Lips and The Dresden Dolls. He's also been working with several long-time collaborators to expand his sound on his just-released second album, called “Fortitude.” Cooke speaks with Ryan Warner about the new album and how he adapts the music to perform solo during his live shows. (First aired Dec. 2, 2011)

Click below to see Ian Cooke's brand new video for the album's title track:

Click below to hear live, solo versions of a few tracks from the new album that were recently recorded in our performance studio for our sister station, OpenAir:

[Photo: Brian Carney]