In An Election Of ‘Change,’ How Colorado Did, And Didn’t, Follow Suit

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Photo: In An Election Of 'Change' How Colorado Did -- And Didn't -- Follow Suit
After a rancorous election, experts say restoring public confidence will require healing deep partisan divisions.

The 2016 election was regarded as one of big changes -- most notably, Republican Donald Trump's ascension to the Oval Office. But Colorado didn't necessarily follow the script; Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton won the state by almost five percent.

There were a number of interesting nuggets to be found in Colorado's voting results, according to Norman Provizer, a political scientist and professor at Metropolitan State University of Denver. For example, while normally Democratic strongholds, five counties in the southern part of the state -- Chaffee, Conejos, Huerfano, Las Animas and Pueblo -- flipped over to Trump. Barack Obama won all five in 2012.

Provizer spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.