Iraq War Stories: Combat Medicine

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Interview reported and produced by Shanna Lewis

It’s one thing to treat patients in a hospital. Quite another if you’re treating patients on the battlefield. Jason Sorenson knows. He’s an Army combat medic who did three tours in Iraq. He carried everything he needed on his back.

Jason Sorenson: “Turnicuts to stop any kind of major hemorages. Different types of dressings.Slings. Swaths. Splints. On average between 30 to 45 pound pack is probably what you’re usually rocking.”

The Colorado Springs resident says in a crisis, other soldiers can help because they’re trained in basic first aid.

Jason Sorenson: “So they’re actually your arms when you’re out on the battlefield. They’ll be the ones to help you if you have treat a wounded soldier.”

Staff Sergeant Sorenson was 24 when he headed to Iraq. He’s talks with Ryan Warner as part of our series Iraq War Stories which marks the end of U.S. combat operations in Iraq.