Is There A Drug To Help People Stay Healthier, Longer? Two Colorado Profs Say It’s Possible

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Older Women Exercising for Extending Lifespan
Two Colorado researchers are studying plant-based compounds that could delay disease and help people live healthier lives as they grow older.

As science advances, there's reason to believe humans will live longer in the future. And two professors from Colorado State University think they're on the way to finding a plant-based compound that could help people stay healthier as they grow old.

Professor Karyn Hamilton and Associate Professor Benjamin Miller are co-directors of Colorado State University's Translational Research on Aging and Chronic Disease Laboratory in the Department of Health and Exercise Science.

The two worked with LifeVantage Corp to test a compound of plant-based substances called Protandim to see if they protect the cells of mice against the stressors that lead to aging. They found the compound successfully extended the median lives of male mice but not females.

The pair is now trying to find a new combination of substances that benefits both male and female mice. Eventually, they hope to help humans live healthier lives into old age.

The research is part of a project funded by the National Institutes of Health that uses mouse models to find treatments that could ultimately extend the human lifespan and delay disease.

Karyn Hamilton and Ben Miller speak with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.