Jim Stevens Lost His Sight, But Not His Vision For Art

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<p>(Stephanie Wolf/CPR News)</p>
<p>Artist Jim Stevens, who is blind, at work in his Wheat Ridge studio on July 16, 2016.</p>
Photo: Jim Stevens, blind Wheat Ridge artist
Artist Jim Stevens, who is legally blind, works at his Wheat Ridge studio on July 16, 2016.

This story first aired on 7/18/2016.

While serving in the Vietnam War, Jim Stevens was shot in the head. He survived, but decades later, the injury caused Stevens to lose nearly all of his vision -- his line of sight is now the size of a tiny pinhole. Despite being legally blind, Stevens has made a name for himself as an artist. He works out of his studio in Wheat Ridge, and has paintings featured through July 30 in "About Face," a portrait show at Denver's Cabal Gallery.

Stevens spoke with Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel.