Kid Astronaut Says Farewell To Denver As His Solo Music Career Blasts Off

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Photo: Kid Astronaut
Jon Shockness writes and performs as Kid Astronaut.

It didn't take long for Jon Shockness to outgrow the Front Range.

As a member of the Denver hip-hop band Air Dubai, Shockness got radio airplay around the country, had music featured on MTV and VH1, and traveled with Warped Tour in 2014.

Shockness has since launched a solo career as Kid Astronaut. He released the R&B-inspired "Full Moon" last spring. Next year, he's moving from Denver to London to become an international touring artist.

Kid Astronaut plays a farewell show at Denver's Globe Hall on Dec. 12. Before he crosses the pond, Shockness talked to Colorado Matters about producing his own albums in high school, how astrology and the tarot inspire his music, and why he made the decision to move to the U.K.