King Tut Exhibit Comes to Denver

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The exhibit, “Tutankhamun: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs” opens in Denver.It's one of the largest exhibits ever showcased at the Denver Art Museum, and it's expected to draw several hundred thousand visitors.

Many of the objects are made of gold. The ancient Egyptians believed pharaohs would transform into golden gods in the after life, and so when royalty died, they equipped them for the ride, by stocking their tombs with golden pieces.

We spoke with David Silverman, curator of the exhibit. He started by giving us a taste of what life was like for King Tut, during the short time he ruled. It wasn't an easy time. King Tut's father had just made a revolutionary change in how people worshiped and when King Tut's father died, and he stepped up, King Tut caught a lot of blowback from angry Egyptians.