Lakewood High School Students ‘Roar’ for Katy Perry Concert

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Lakewood High School students expect to hear tomorrow whether they’ve won a contest that would bring pop singer Katy Perry to give a concert at the school on October 25th.

“It’s been electric here," Adam Ronscavage, a video production teacher at Lakewood, tells CPR. "When they announced us as a finalist on Good Morning America, the kids were told to be here at 4:30 in the morning" for the shoot. He expected about half of the students to show up, but, "We got about 90 percent of our student body here.”

Ronscavage said when his students heard about the contest, which asked contestants to make a video that lip dubs one of Perry's songs, they immediately picked a song called “Roar.” That might be because Lakewood's mascot is a tiger, and the song mentions having the "eye of the tiger" and "roaring" like a champion.

Ronscavage says 99 percent of Lakewood’s students are in the video, about 2,000 kids. A student videographer filmed the video in one continuous shot.

“It was just organic energy from our students," Ronscavage said. "That was not coached.”

The video has gone viral. It has almost 250,000 hits on YouTube.

Good Morning America says it will announce the contest winner on the show tomorrow.