Lesley McClurg

Reporter and Producer of Colorado Matters

Professional background:Lesley joined Colorado Public Radio in 2013 as a reporter and producer for CPR’s daily interview program, “Colorado Matters.” Her first gig in public radio was for KUOW in Seattle, Washington. Prior to that, Lesley spent more than three years working in public television in Seattle for KCTS 9 Public Television.In addition to her work as a journalist, Lesley also has extensive experience in documentary filmmaking and writing.Awards:Lesley won an Emmy Award in 2009. She’s also a seven-time Emmy Award nominee.In her own words...Why I became a journalist:I love being able to go straight to the source to find out why things are happening and feeling connected to the pulse of the events of the day.Why I got into radio: I began my career in documentary filmmaking and quickly learned that my attention span needs things to move faster. So, I moved to public television, but I still didn’t feel quite at home. I noticed my radio was always on, but I rarely turned on my television. There's a conversational tone in radio storytelling that feels authentic to me. Public radio finally felt like home.