Latino Americans Explore The Meaning Of ‘Place’ At The Denver Art Museum

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<p>(Michael Elizabeth Sakas/CPR News)</p>
<p>Artist Dmitri Obergfell standing with a piece from his instillation, <em>Federal Fashion Mart </em>at the Denver Art Museum. </p>
Image: Jaime Carrejo Mi Tierra
Jaime Carrejo, One-Way Mirror (video still), 2017.

In Spanish, the word '"tierra" can mean "earth," "motherland" or "soil. Mi Tierra or "my land," is a new exhibition at the Denver Art Museum. It features the works of 13 Latino artists. Rebecca Hart is the curator of Mi Tierra.

“Place often is a type of identity," Hart said. "There’s a local where you’re from, there’s a local where you might be going to. Some of the artists in the exhibition have experiences with undocumented relatives, or they came here undocumented themselves. What I see so much is a nostalgia. It’s a looking back. And sometimes it’s a looking back with great pain. A lot of sacrifice happens when people come to America.”

Jaime Carrejo and Dmitri Obergfell live in Denver, and are featured in the exhibition. They spoke with Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel.

Editor's note: an earlier version of this story erroneously misspelled Jaime Carrejo's name. The error has been fixed.