Lessons In Loss

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Janet Wilson searches the rubble of her home shortly after the Waldo Canyon Fire [Photo: Stephen Gandy]

The flames of this summer's most massive wildfires are out, but the rebuilding process will take much longer. Today we look at recovery, both both for individuals and communities.

In the six weeks since Janet Wilson's home burned in the Waldo Canyon fire, the Colorado Springs neonatal nurse practitioner has experienced agonies and epiphanies, and she's letting us follow her through the process. Today Wilson talks with host Ryan Warner about the big lessons she's learning. Rule one: use your treasures.

As residents affected by the fires try to get on with their lives, the governments of El Paso and Larimer Counties have challenges of their own to tackle, from working with landlords to preventing landslides. We hear what they're up to, and what problems lie ahead.

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