Little-Known Baseball Museum a Hidden Gem Near Coors Field

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<p>(Courtesy Steve Crecelius/WonderWorks Studios)</p>
<p>B&#039;s Ballpark Museum near Coor&#039;s Field.</p>
Photo: B&#039;s Ballpark Museum near Coor&#039;s Field
B's Ballpark Museum near Coor's Field.

The Colorado Rockies' home opener is Friday afternoon. Just steps away from Coors Field is B's Ballpark Museum. The "B" stands for Bruce, as in Bruce Hellerstein. His museum is a shrine to classic ballparks, with wooden seats from the old Tiger Stadium in Detroit and the Polo Grounds in New York. He also has a section of the "Green Monster” from Fenway Park in Boston and an old turnstile from Forbes Field in Pittsburgh. But for Hellerstein, who’s an accountant by trade, it all began with Denver’s old minor league team, the Bears, a team that he thinks should be better known today. Ryan Warner gets a tour of the museum.