Losing Ground: Candid ‘Barbershop Talk’ About Racial Disparities

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In our series "Losing Ground," we’re focusing on disparities between whites and minorities in Colorado -- gaps in education, income, home ownership, and health. In some cases, these disparities are bigger now than during the civil rights movement. The series is a mix of analysis (with our partner, the non-profit investigative news service I-News) and frank conversations with the people living the reality. And if there’s one place you can be sure a frank discussion is happening, it’s the New Montbello Barbers, a black barber shop in northeast Denver.

Twice a month, men get together to talk about issues of the day as part of a group called Barbershop Talk (BST). We told the group about our series. And we wanted the men who gather to share their perspectives on the many ways African Americans are represented in data showing growing racial disparities in Colorado.

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In a special broadcast of "Colorado Matters," we hear from the men of BST.

[Photo credits: Lee Hill, CPR; Quincy Hines, BST]