‘Miracle On Ice,’ Colorado Curling Style

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Photo: Curling Championship
Team Sobering hopes to upend more established competition at this weekend's USA Curling National Championships.

For a Colorado team, the countdown to the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea begins this weekend in Everett, Washington. The four men aren't skiing down a mountain or skating with hockey sticks, although they hope to pull off their own "Miracle On Ice" with a 42-pound stone ... and brooms.

Josh Chetwynd of Denver began curling as a hobby a little more than two years ago after "retiring" from baseball, which he played collegiately as well as overseas. Now he finds himself competing against nine other teams in the USA Curling National Championships.

"Everyone has this idea that there's one sport where if they put in a little bit of time they could be an Olympic athlete, but I'm an aberration," Chetwynd says. "I got lucky playing with three other guys who have carried me along."

Chetwynd plays on Team Sobering; the other members are Darryl Sobering, Aaron Johnston and Evan Jaffe. Chetwynd spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.