Mom Recounts How Cyberbullying Nearly Killed Her Daughter

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Photo: Cyberbullying Victim
The Arellano family, including Kiana, center, and Kristy, second from right.

Kiana Arellano was a sophomore in High School when she got a hateful message on a social media site: "You're pathetic. No one likes you." At school, she was verbally attacked. Her tormenters suggested she kill herself. Eventually, she tried.

That was back in 2013 and Arellano is in wheelchair today because of her attempt. Her mom, Kristy, speaks against cyberbullying and last year convinced the Colorado legislature to pass "Kiana's law." It increases the penalties for cyberbullying.

Kristy Arellano will speak Tuesday at the Pace Center in Parker before a production called "Out of Bounds" that tells the story of a girl who is bullied online. The play is by the traveling Working Theater Group, based in Iowa City, Iowa.

Kristy Arellano and Sean Thompson, the director of "Out of Bounds," spoke with Colorado Matters.

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