Mudra Dance Studio Seeks ‘Truth Through Knowledge’ In Latest Show

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<p>(Courtesy&nbsp;Shawn Herbert)</p>
<p>Eishita Nariani performs with XXX in Mudra Dance Studio&#039;s “Gyaan.”</p>
Photo: Mudra Dance Studio&#039;s
The company of Mudra Dance Studio performs in "Gyaan" at the Lakewood Cultural Center.

When faced with tragedy, Namita Khanna Nariani dealt with it the only way she knew how -- through dance. Nariani runs a classical and contemporary Indian dance school in Aurora called Mudra Dance Studio. She says she was inspired to create Mudra's latest production, "Gyaan," after two studio members and a friend took their lives. "Gyaan" means "truth through knowledge" in Sanskrit, and is a departure from Mudra's standard more light-hearted repertoire. It grapples with difficult topics, like suicide, rape and violence. The production debuted last fall, and returns to the Lakewood Cultural Center this weekend.

Photo: Mudra Dance Studio, Namita Khanna Nariani and her daughter, Eishita
Mudra Dance Studio founder Namita Khanna Nariani (in the foreground) and her daughter, Eishita.

Nariani and her daughter, Eishita, spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner about the show and Mudra's origins.