North Korea Still Holds The USS Pueblo Captive After 50 Years

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Photo: USS Pueblo
In this Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018, photo, a North Korean military guide leads a tour of the USS Pueblo in Pyongyang, North Korea. The Pueblo, an American spy ship, was attacked and captured by North Korea 50 years ago.

If President Trump meets with Kim Jong Un later in June, there's little doubt the world leaders will discuss ending North Korea's nuclear program. But another issue might eventually come up: the USS Pueblo, an American ship captured 50 years ago. It still sits in a river in Pyongyang.

Jack Cheevers, author of "Act of War," talks to Colorado Matters about the capture of the USS Pueblo on January 23, 1968 and the torture of its crew.

Just last month Rep. Scott Tipton, who represents the city of Pueblo, sent a letter to President Trump asking the administration to advocate for the ship's return. Since its capture, the USS Pueblo has become a propaganda piece for North Korea. The ship's crew members were released 11 months after their capture, and arrived in San Diego on Christmas Eve, 1968.