(Not Quite) Like a King

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What happened to Fort Collins singer/songwriter Danielle Anderson sounds like a fairy tale. Using the name Danielle Ate The Sandwich, she posted videos of herself to YouTube and people couldn’t get enough. She parlayed that success into a studio album and was able to quit her job as a seamstress in an alteration shop to focus full time on her music career.

That was two years ago. Now she has a new CD called “Like a King,” and that title might make you think it’s all about this fairy tale story. But listen to the title track and you’ll quickly realize, it’s not. Ryan Warner speaks with Danielle about the new album and the life (and finances) of a working musician.

WEB EXTRA: Listen to Danielle talk about her song, "The Have Nots"

Watch the "Faith in a Man" music video.

Listen to some songs from the album performed live for our sister station, OpenAir:

* Like a King

* Pet Store

* Indiana

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