Nun Who May Have Faced Billy The Kid Could Become A Saint

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<p>((Courtesy&nbsp;of Palace of the&nbsp;Governors, N.M. state archives)</p>
photo Sister Blandina
Sister Blandina Segale

Frontier justice could be swift. A cowboy might hang before sundown for a crime he was accused of. But as the 1960s television show, "Death Valley Days," noted, in at least one case, "a lone pioneer tried to end mob rule -- a pioneer with no weapons but faith and incredible courage." Her name was Sister Blandina Segale, a.k.a. "The fastest nun in the West." The Roman Catholic Church in New Mexico is in the process investigating sainthood for Segale, including legends that she persuaded Billy the Kid not to kill.

The church's petitioner of the cause of Sister Blandina, Allen Sanchez, and Boulder writer Hannah Nordhaus spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.