One sheriff on what it’s like to enforce Colorado’s gun magazine limit

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Gun 1In upholding Colorado's limit on the size of ammunition magazines last week, federal judge Marcia Krieger wrote in her decision that "a law may be constitutional, but nevertheless foolish, ineffective, or cumbersome to enforce.”

The law prohibits buying, selling or owning magazines that hold more than 15 rounds of ammunition. Recently Gov. John Hickenlooper, who signed the law, acknowledged enforcement is difficult. Sheriffs around the state have said as much for more than a year. Some have even refused to enforce the law.

Pueblo County Sheriff Kirk Taylor is striking a middle ground between supporters and critics of the law. He says he will enforce it, even though doing so is nearly impossible. Taylor is a Democrat but he testified against the limit when lawmakers were considering it in 2013. He didn't sign onto the lawsuit challenging the law in court, which resulted in last week's decision from Krieger.