One Year Since Nepal Quake, Colorado Documentary Digs Past The Rubble

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Photo: Nepal1
Colorado filmographer Ash Bernal films with kids in Nepal. Her crew traveled to the country to document the recovery last year's massive earthquake.

Monday marks a year since a massive earthquake rocked Nepal. The quake killed 9,000 and destroyed almost a million homes. Since then, the country has struggled to rebuild despite $4.1 billion pledged to help the recovery.

Photo: Nepal2
A villager sits where his house once stood outside of Kathmandu.

The crew found that many affected by the quake have yet to gain access to relief supplies or funds, corroborating other reports.

"There's a widespread consensus in Nepal...that a year after the earthquake there's still a lot of folks who are suffering and who have seen little in assistance," said Dyar.

Photo: Nepal3
A construction team takes a break to pose for a photo in Kathmandu. Long after the quake, they are still at work clearing rubble and finding bricks that can reused.

Non-governmental organizations have accused the Nepalese government of playing politics with relief funds. They say that has slowed progress on the recovery. Now millions face the prospect of another monsoon season without permanent shelter.

Dyar spoke to Colorado Matters' Andrea Dukakis about the relief crisis and how many Nepalese people have helped themselves despite a lack of government assistance. He expects to release the feature documentary this fall.Photo: Nepal4