Online Games Teach Ethics, Says Catharyn Baird

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<p>(Courtesy of Catharyn Baird)</p>
<p>EthicsGame founder and CEO Catharyn Baird</p>
Photo: Catharyn Baird, CEO EthicsGame and Regis University professor
Catharyn Baird, a professor of business emerita at Regis University in Denver and the founder of EthicsGame, will speak at TEDxMileHigh on June 13, 2015.

Sometimes our values can conflict. For instance, telling the truth versus protecting someone's confidentiality.

Catharyn Baird wants to help people make better decisions when they face ethical dilemmas. In 2005, the former professor of business at Denver's Regis University founded EthicsGame, a developer of online games that help build what Baird calls "ethical awareness." On Saturday, she will will speak at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House in Denver as part of TEDxMileHigh's "Ideas Unbridled." Ahead of the event, she spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.