OpenSnow’s Joel Gratz: Despite Late Start, Colorado Ski Season Is Far From Lost

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Photo: Joel Gratz OpenSnow skiing in trees
Joel Gratz

Skiers and snowboarders are rejoicing that snow is finally falling in Colorado's mountains, and the happiest of all may be Joel Gratz. The meteorologist based in Boulder uses his professional training to seek out the best snow across the country, and he shares what he finds with more than a million of his closest friends on, a website he co-founded.

The site has amassed a cult following among skiers and riders in Colorado, with webcam feeds from each ski area and daily updates of where to find the best powder. Despite the dry fall and slow start to the ski season in Colorado, Gratz is optimistic.

Photo: Joel Gratz OpenSnow head shot
Joel Gratz

"There are many times that November is dry and people panic, and then we get a few weeks of great weather and ski season turns out great," Gratz says.

He spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner about what to expect in the weeks and months ahead.