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Orbiting Olympia’s ‘Space Opera’ Will Take You On A Trip Through The Planets

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Opera and electronica are two genres that don't often meet. But a pair of musicians from Lafayette combines the two for an innovative sound they call "space opera."

Orbiting Olympia is the duo of classically trained mezzo soprano Eve Orenstein and experimental musician Sean Faling. The married couple reimagines music by classical composers like Gustav Mahler and Claude Debussy with vocal loops and vintage synthesizers.

If you're curious about what a "space opera" sounds like, check out the link above. It's Orbiting Olympia's music video for "Blue Eyes," based on Gustav Mahler's "Songs of a Wayfarer." Created by New York City artist Mau Ceppi aka Funktaxi 1533, the short film provides a fitting interstellar visual for the band's experimental sound.

Orenstein and Faling spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner about the origins of the band, why synthesizers and opera sound good together and more. Hear the interview via the link above.