Photographer Kathy Shorr Portrays 101 Survivors Of Gun Violence In New Book

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Photo: SHOT book_Karina Sartiaguin
Standing with a group of friends outside of her high school in Aurora in 2010, Karina Sartiaguin became the unintended victim of a drive-by shooting fueled by gang revenge. She was 16.

A bullet intended for someone else paralyzed Karina Sartiaguin from the waist down in 2010. She was 16 when she was shot outside her Aurora high school. Her story is featured, alongside a hundred others, in a new book called "SHOT: 101 Survivors of Gun Violence in America."

Photo: SHOT book_Moni Gravelly
Moni Gravelly was attending the Batman movie premiere at an Aurora movie theater in 2012 when she was shot. She was one of more than 50 wounded in the attack. A friend who was sitting next to her was killed.

New York photographer Kathy Shorr traveled the country, photographing gun violence survivors ranging in age from 8 to 80, many in the very place they'd been shot. Shorr says the book is not meant to "condemn gun owners" or make a political statement, but to humanize the issue. Sartiaguin tells Colorado Matters that being photographed for the book helped her realize how for she's come since that day nearly seven years ago.

Photo: SHOT book_Cori Romero
After leaving her shift at a Holiday Inn around 11 p.m. in 2015, Cori Romero got in her car to drive home. Headed for the freeway, she stopped at a red light in Fort Collins. In the next second, Romero was shot in the neck. The shooter then drove off.