Police Body Cameras: Colorado’s Public Safety Chief Sheds Light On New Guidance

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<p>(Rachel Estabrook/CPR News)</p>
<p>Pueblo Police Officer Matt Van Leeuwen wears his body camera on the buttons of his uniform shirt.</p>

In most cases, police officers should not have to let people know they're being recorded on a body-worn camera. That's one in a list of recommendations lawmakers now have from a group of law enforcement, public defenders, open records advocates and others. Lawmakers asked them for guidance because as more police departments in Colorado get body cameras -- including Denver in January -- the state still has few laws governing how they're used, compared with other states.

Colorado's head of public safety, Stan Hilkey, chaired the group. He spoke with CPR's Nathan Heffel about the recommendations, and other issues having to do with body cameras, including whether recordings should be made available to the public.