Promising New Cancer Drug at UC-Denver

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Today, a story about advances in treating the most deadly form of cancer: lung cancer. Those diagnosed will more than likely die within a year. Andy Bonnett, of Denver, was in his early 30's when he was told he had the disease. "I was actually quite shocked, and confused, and incredibly sad to hear those words," he said. That was two and a half years ago. Bonnett got very sick and progressed to the most advanced stage of the disease. But now, he's better, thanks to an experimental drug he's taking through the University of Colorado Cancer Center. It's called Crizotinib. And just 100 people on the planet are taking it. Thirty-five of them are doing so here in Colorado. For Andy Bonnett, and many others, the results have been extraordinary. Andy's with us along with Dr. Ross Camidge, the clinical director of UC-Denver's Lung Cancer program.