Remembering a battle that changed WWII, fought by the 10th Mountain Division

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Seventy years ago this week, members of the 10th Mountain Division, the skiing soldiers of World War 2, fought to take Mt. Belvedere in Italy's Apennine Mountains. The peak had been an impenetrable obstacle to defeating the Axis powers.

These 10th Mountain troops trained in Colorado, at Camp Hale near Leadville. And their victory at Mt. Belvedere was a turning point in the war.

In 2007, several of the surviving members of the unit that fought on Mt. Belvedere talked with producer Joe Richman of Radio Diaries. He produced a special program that first aired on NPR's "All Things Considered" in 2007.


  • 10th Mountain Division soldiers Dan Kennerly, Bob Parker, Newc Eldredge, and Al Waverek (now deceased)
  • Dick Wilson (now deceased)
  • Robert Nordhaus (now deceased)