Rocky Mountain Institute merging with Richard Branson’s climate nonprofit

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Photo: Solar panels

Billionaire Richard Branson seems to have a hand in everything.

He's best known for founding the "Virgin" enterprises, which include air and space travel, and music recording. He also started a nonprofit to fight climate change called Carbon War Room.

Today, Colorado's Rocky Mountain Institute announced it's merging with Branson's organization.

Carbon War Room and RMI, a nonprofit headquartered in Snowmass, both focus on finding ways to make lowering carbon emissions beneficial to companies' bottom lines. For example, the two groups have both worked with companies to make trucking fleets more efficient.

Jules Kortenhorst, RMI's CEO, will lead the joint venture.

"Where RMI has historically done more of the initial thinking, piloted new technologies, created the business models of the future... Carbon War Room has been thinking more about it from the perspective of, 'How do you scale these technologies?'" Kortenhorst says.