Scientists discover ‘King of Gore’ dinosaur

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(Photo: Courtesy Denver Museum of Nature & Science)
<p>An artistic rendering of Lythronax Argestes, a dinosaur that lived 70-90 million years ago.</p>

Scientists have discovered a new dinosaur so huge and fearsome that its name means “King of Gore.”

Paleontologists recently unearthed the skeleton in Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

Lythronax Argestes lived between 70 and 90 million years ago in a place called Laramidia -- an island that stretched roughly from where Mexico is now up to Alaska.

The discovery tells us a lot not only about dinosaurs, but about how and why they flourished in Laramidia's extremely hot climate.

Ryan Warner speaks with Scott Sampson, chief curator at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and a lead Lythronax researcher, to learn more about this ancestor of T-Rex.