Should You Pick Your Partner Based On Your DNA?

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Graphic: DNA (Wikimedia)

The burgeoning business of DNA analysis includes a Denver company that gives couples-to-be a glimpse of what their baby might look like. Chris Glode, the CEO of Denver-based Human Code, which offers BabyGlimpse for couples to test their DNA, talked about the trend. We also spoke with Carlos Bustamante, a professor of Genetics at Stanford University, who's also an advisor to Human Code.

I already have children but wanted to take part in the DNA analysis out of curiosity. You order kit. My husband and I each had to spit into a test tube, and you send them off separately to be analyzed. You get your results online in about a month.

The results were pretty much as my husband and I expected from what we know of our ancestry and physical attributes. There were some funny results too, like your ability to metabolize caffeine, how you sleep, lactose tolerance or intolerance, things like that.

The funniest thing was muscle fiber. My husband happens to be a really good athlete. Me not so much. He has this gene that many elite athletes have, but I just test in at normal. As for our kids, they're 50 percent likely to have that athletic muscle fiber type. And we do have one kid that's very athletic and one that's more like me.