Slideshow: Spotting the elusive Colorado moose

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(Photo: Courtesy of David Gottorff)
<p>Listener David Gottorff shared this photo of a moose at Lake Irwin, outside of Crested Butte.</p>

According to the National Parks Service, there is "scant evidence" that there was ever a breeding population of moose in Northern Colorado.

Despite that, moose these days can be seen in many parts of the state, from the Front Range to the Vail Valley. Colorado Parks & Wildlife estimates there are about 2,000 moose in the state. And we know they're here, because photographic -- and video -- evidence has been pouring into CPR.

In a recent Colorado Matters interview, Ryan Warner talked with two Colorado travel writers to get some ideas for weekends and getaways this summer. One of them, Debi Boucher, recommended State Forest State Park in Northern Colorado, which claims to be the best place to see moose in the state.

Ryan confessed to never having seen a moose and asked listeners to share their photographs. We started receiving photos immediately and captured many of them in the slideshow above. We will keep adding your photos as they come, so send your best moose photos from Colorado to [email protected].

To get an idea of where you might see one yourself, check out this map of places listeners have spotted them.