South Sudanese Activist Builds Schools Amid Civil War

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Daniel Majok Gai starts as Executive Director Project Education South Sudan
Daniel Majok Gai last year after fleeing from violence in his village of Pagook in South Sudan with his wife and baby.

Daniel Majok Gai has spent much of his life living through war. He's known as a "Lost Boy of Sudan," one of thousands of children that fled their villages starting in the 1980s. Today he helps build schools in the world's newest nation, South Sudan, where he is from.

Last year, he told CPR News about escaping with his wife and child during an attack on his village in Jonglei State, in the eastern part of the country. Since then, Majok Gai has become executive director of the Denver-based non-profit "Project Education South Sudan."

Majok Gai spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.