State’s Future Unsustainable, Says TBD

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“Coloradans get what they pay for,” is how you might sum up recommendations out yesterday from TBD Colorado. That’s the task force Governor Hickenlooper created last year to get citizens thinking about the future of their state, in areas like education, health, transportation, and the state budget. The results aren’t all that surprising. Coloradans want good roads, good schools, good services for seniors, among other things. But (and this isn’t a new idea either), they have to find a way to pay for all that. TBD Colorado says the state constitution gets in the way, with amendments that govern both spending and taxation. The group is calling for an overhaul of the state’s constitution and some tax policies. Greg Maffei, who chairs the TBD Colorado Board, speaks with Ryan Warner.

[Photo: CPR News/David Fender]