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STEM students ponder a future as infinite as the cosmos

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STEM Infinite International Space Station
Chandra Thomas Whitfield/CPR News
Dewey Brigham, president and executive director of CABPES, the Colorado Association of Black Professional Engineers and Scientists; Salma Khalif, an 8th grader at Lotus School for Excellence in Aurora and Nzube Kolawole, an 8th grader at Denver Green School.

For more than 40 years, CABPES — the Colorado Association for Black Professional Engineers and Scientists— has worked with Black and underserved youths to encourage them to pursue careers in STEM — Science, Technology, Engineering and Science. Recently, two members of this year’s class, Salma Khalif and Nzube Kolawole, visited an exhibition at Stanley Marketplace in Aurora. "Space Explorers The Infinite" is an interactive experience aboard the International Space Station.