Teachers Weigh in on New Evaluation Law

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In the next few years, public school teachers in the state are likely to see some big changes in how they're evaluated... and what that evaluation means when it comes to their job security. This comes as the result of a controversial new law that passed in the recent session of the state legislature. Here's how it works: starting in 2013, teachers will have to prove they're having a positive impact on their students... how those students do on tests will be part of it. Another part will be observations-- say by the principal-- of a teacher's performance. Today, Ryan Warner talks to two teachers... to ask if they think it'll make them better at their jobs. Kim Herman was a classroom teacher for more than 10 years-- and now mentors other teachers. She works at an elementary school in Douglas County. And Denise Jerome-Curtin has been teaching high school for nearly a decade. She's at Lakewood High in Jefferson County.