The Good, Bad, And Strange Broncos History Ahead Of Super Bowl 50

February 4, 2016

The Denver Broncos are among the elite when it comes to Super Bowl appearances. This Sunday marks their eighth appearance in the big game. That's four-way tie for the most ever. (New England, Pittsburgh and Dallas are the others.) However, in terms of Super Bowl wins, the Broncos are not-so-elite. The team has won the big game just twice. 

A perhaps unlikely sports expert, Denver Public Library librarian Brian Trembath, blogged the story of how the Broncos went from the "Siberia" of football to become, in 2014, America's team. He spoke to Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel about good, bad and clearly strange moments in Broncos history on the eve of Super Bowl 50.

Part of their conversation includes some rare Broncos victory songs via long-time record collector and radio host North of Pueblo's Lisa Wheeler:

broncos_song_1_gogobroncos - Duane Wilbanks
broncos_song_5_broncomaniavanelli - Johnny Vanelli
broncos_song_3_balladofjohnelway - Fulcrums Image

Denver Bronco Jon Keyworth also sang "Make Those Miracles Happen" in 1977