The Muse’s Market

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(Photo Credits: Bus exterior with Chris Garre and Gabrielle Louise by David Fender, bus interior shots and bus exterior with mountain in the backdrop courtesy of Adam Boden.)

An old bus pulled into our parking lot this week.Think of a Greyhound you’d see in a 1970s movie. Its owners are singer/songwriter Gabrielle Louise and her partner Chris Garre. They purchased the bus from eBay last year and converted it to run on waste vegetable oil. Inside, it’s got wood floors and vintage furniture, giving it a kind of parlor or salon feel, and that’s just what they’re going for. The bus is carrying a group of Colorado musicians, artists and a poet on a traveling show across the West called “The Muse’s Market.”Ryan Warner talks with the couple about the show and the message they hope people take away from it.

To find out more about the show, including show locations and dates and information about all the performers, check out their website.

The group has also created a short video featuring a mixture of footage from their first show in Salida and behind the scenes footage of rehearsals and traveling on the bus: