‘The Nature of Horses,’ from scrap metal and wood, comes to Denver’s Botanic Gardens

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<p>(Photo: Courtesy of Walla Walla Foundry)</p>
<p>Montana artist Deborah Butterfield works on one of her life sized sculptures of horses.</p>

For the last forty years, Montana artist Deborah Butterfield has focused on horses, horses and more horses, creating more than 1,000 life-sized sculptures crafted from found wood that is then cast in bronze or from scrap metal.

These sculptures look skeletal, yet each evokes a different horse, as well as a unique spirit, and curators are paying attention: Her work is represented in major museum collections, including the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden in Washington D.C. and the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Fifteen of Butterfield’s equine sculptures will be on display at the Denver Botanic Gardens in “The Nature of Horses” show that opens this Saturday, May 23. She spoke with host Ryan Warner about her work.