The New Normal

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Golden author David Wann hopes-- more than anything-- that things do not go "back to normal" when the recession is over. Constant economic expansion, the depletion of resources, the growing gap between rich and poor... these are bad for the planet, Wann says, and they're bad for us. In his new book, "The New Normal," Wann lays out individual and collective changes he thinks are necessary to "save our civilization." Some of them will make you do a double-take, like full employment of a part-time workforce, "giving us enough income as well as more time for living." Ryan Warner talks to Wann about a few of his big ideas and asks about their practicality in a time of such political polarization. Wann takes aim at -- and this is just a partial list -- CEOs, auto manufacturers, developers, meat eaters, the press and the oil industry. (First aired June 9, 2011)

[Image: David Wann]