The Next Big Thing? Sheets That Zip

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QuickZip sheets have two pieces: a base and a top piece that zips on and off.

For anyone who has ever struggled to put a fitted sheet on a bed, one Denver entrepreneur thinks she has the solution: fitted sheets that zip.

Back when her kids were little, Elizabeth Sopher had an "Aha" moment while she was wrestling to get a fitted sheet on a crib mattress. Sopher determined it would be much easier if fitted sheets came in two pieces: one for a base that stays on the mattress and another for a top layer that zips on and off.

Sopher experimented with different prototypes, came up with a design she liked, and eventually founded the company QuickZip. Earlier this summer, QuickZip won this year's Capital Championship, a nationwide competition for entrepreneurs.

Sopher speaks with Colorado Matters host Nathan Heffel.