The Women Of The Colorado Peaches Softball Team Think They’ve Found A Fountain Of Youth

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Today, at age 86, she's the Peaches' elder stateswoman -- but still plays a pretty good second base. That skill will come in handy when the team travels to Utah next month to play in the Huntsman Games, an international competition for seniors.

Each of the players is over 50, but McCloskey says age disappears when you're belting a pitch into the gap in left-center.Photo: AC Elderly Softball

"You're never too old to play; and that play element is so, so important," she said. "Being on a team ... I could just go on and on ... it's just awesome."

McCloskey and the Peaches' coach, Gail Klock, spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner about the team and the upcoming Huntsman Games.