This Company Couples Up Aging Baby Boomers And Younger People—As Roommates

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Photo: Silvernest Denver Listing Screenshot
The Denver-based startup Silvernest pairs up empty nesters with young people or other aging baby boomers for housing.

Rising rents and property taxes in the Denver metro hit the city's aging population especially hard. As more seniors struggle to afford their homes and live independently, many also have more empty rooms available.

That's where the Colorado startup Silvernest comes in. The company helps seniors stay in their homes longer by pairing them up with roommates who are often younger. Some renters further reduce their monthly rate by providing services such as transportation, housekeeping and yard work for their elderly roommate.

Silvernest CEO Wendi Burkhardt and AARP Colorado executive councilman Ben Moultrie talked to Colorado Matters about the unique needs of aging homeowners.

This interview is a part of the Colorado Matters Disruptors series.