This Greeley Family’s 180,000 Light-Holiday Display Draws National Attention

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Photo: Greeley Grizwalks Christmas Lights
This year's holidays lights display by the Greeley Grizwalds.

Got one of those neighbors who goes all out on the holiday lights?

Well, they probably have nothing on the Greeley Grizwalds.

The Colorado family, named for Chevy Chase's Christmas-crazed character in "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation," puts on one of the state's biggest Christmas displays every year.

This year, their 300 hours of work and 180,000 lights landed them a spot on the ABC show, "The Great Christmas Light Fight."

"I start at the beginning of October, and I’m out in the yard almost everyday. Pretty much every bit of day light that is available I’m out there working on it," family patriarch Mike Medhurst said.

Bailey Medhurst has been helping out his dad with the massive annual undertaking since he was able to safely walk on the roof.

"There’s not a memory I have that is not putting up Christmas lights," Bailey Medhurst said.

The Greeley Grizwalds are competing against three other families for $50,000 and a trophy. But Mike Medhurst isn't feeling the pressure.

"I’m actually not a very competitive person. Honestly, we did it just for the experience," Mike Medhurst said. "I’ve never really viewed Christmas lights as competitive. If I don’t end up winning, I’m fine with that. As long as it’s bringing happiness, and hopefully my competitions’ displays are doing the same thing, then it’s serving its purpose."