This Immersive Theater Experience Takes You Out Of Your Seat And Into Denver’s Streets

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Photo: Remote Denver DCPA
"Remote Denver" participants use their hands to mimic binoculars while touring outside Denver's Union Station on Tuesday, June 12, 2018.

A new theater experience at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts isn’t inside a theater. Instead, audience members become participants, putting on headphones before walking around the city and following commands. The immersive show is called “Remote Denver,” and it runs through July 1.

Charlie Miller, a curator for DCPA’s Off-Center project, brought the new walking tour theater hybrid to Denver. He talked to Colorado Matters about the new experience, and how it expands DCPA’s immersive offerings. An experimental theater collective from Germany came up with the “Remote” series, which has visited Hong Kong, Paris and New York.

“Remote Denver” lasts nearly two hours and takes you through a wide range of activities guided by a computer-generated voice. The 2-mile journey also stirs up plenty of thoughts and emotions along the way, from silly to philosophical.