Those Deadly Destroying Angel Mushrooms In Aurora Were Found By Man Named Lazarus

Photo: Destroying angel mushroom - AP Photo
A destroying angel mushroom is seen in Acra, N.Y., Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2008.

The good news: Those deadly Destroying Angel mushrooms found last week in Aurora are only deadly if you eat them. The bad news: The toxic fungi are likely to keep popping up if the weather stays hot and wet. The amateur mushroom hunter who found the first two Destroying Angels has a very fitting name, Lazarus Bell. He spoke to Colorado Matters about how spot the poisonous mushroom, and what to do if you find one.

Bell had only been foraging for fungi for six months before he discovered the Destroying Angel mushrooms in a neighborhood yard. He said these were easy to spot, with their pure, bright white color. Since Destroying Angels are only deadly if consumed, not if you just touch them, Bell collected the mushrooms and handed them over to mycological experts to confirm the identity. The hot, wet weather is a natural fit for Destroying Angels, and if it continues, more may pop up in the metro area