Through Art, Laleh Mehran Explores The Idea Of Iranian-American

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<p>(Courtesy Laleh Mehran)</p>
<p>Iranian American artist Laleh Mehran</p>

Artist Laleh Mehran moved to the United States from Iran when she was a child in the 70s. Nearly 40 years later, she says she struggles with her cultural identity, a theme that often shows up in her art.

Photo: Iranian American artist Laleh Mehran head shot
Iranian American artist Laleh Mehran

Mehran, who lives in Denver, is an associate professor in emergent digital practices at the University of Denver. As part of her work, she delves into themes such as dissent and exile -- even her own complicated relationship with politics, theology and science.

Starting this week, Mehran has work appearing in two Denver exhibitions: the Museum of Contemporary Art's Biennial exhibit, "Now? NOW!" and Leon gallery's "Continental Divide: East of L.A. / West of Tehran." Both run through the end of August.

She spoke with Colorado Matters host Ryan Warner.