TruTV picks up Denver’s Grawlix comedy series

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Hollywood isn’t exactly known for second chances, but the Denver comedy trio known as The Grawlix are getting just that with their TV comedy series “Those Who Can’t.” Two years ago, Adam Cayton-Holland, Andrew Orvedahl, and Ben Roy shot a pilot for Amazon, but the streaming service declined to pick up the series. Then Turner Broadcasting’s truTV stepped in and asked for a new pilot. Now the comedy channel has ordered 10 episodes of “Those Who Can’t,” about three dysfunctional high school teachers.

“I think we all just thought the project was dead in the water, so it was really nice to have it resurrected,” says Cayton-Holland.

The Amazon pilot was filmed in Denver, but truTV wanted it re-shot in Los Angeles. The series, however, is still set in Denver, and alert viewers will notice a number of Colorado references, including state flags in classrooms and signs saying “Free Rockies Tickets.” (The new pilot was filmed at Van Nuys High School.)

“We have to be conscious of not getting palm trees in shots,” Cayton-Holland says.

“I think we nailed the Denver aspect,” adds Orvedahl, “except in the library scenes, there were these elastic bands on the bookshelves. We didn’t realize what they were for. We didn’t think twice about them. They’re for earthquakes, to keep the books on the shelves. So in the background, you can see them, but it’s a tiny detail.”

Cayton-Holland, Orvedahl, and Roy will return to Los Angeles soon to begin filming the series, which is scheduled to air in spring of 2016. So does that mean The Grawlix are saying farewell to Denver? Yes and no.

Cayton-Holland has no plans to move to Los Angeles full-time (“I’m not a turncoat,” he quips), but Orvedahl is considering relocating to Southern California, and Roy has already decided to make the move with his family.

For several years, The Grawlix have hosted a monthly show at the Bug Theatre in Denver, but with the success of “Those Who Can’t,” those are coming to an end with a final performance on April 24.

“It just made sense to send it off with a bang,” Orvedahl says.