Unforgettable culinary interviews from Colorado Matters in 2013

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(Photo: Courtesy of Michele Morris)
<p>Lamb sliders from The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, part of a cookbook about Colorado cuisine by Michele Morris.</p>

Photo: Lamb slidersHam, cookies, pot roast and fruitcake -- the holidays are defined by their classic foods.

But at Colorado Matters, we've been talking about food for 12 months and this holiday, we're offering up a second helping of some of our favorite culinary interviews from the past year, everything from catfish to gluten-free desserts.

Here's our list and links to the original interviews. Some have recipes for you to use at home. Dig in!

  1. Adrian Miller on the history of soul food, with recipes for catfish curry and Johnetta's mixed greens. Miller wrote, "Soul Food: The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, One Plate at a Time."
  2. Michele Morris on Colorado's signature cuisine. Morris, a personal chef, cooking instructor and food writer, toured restaurants and inns across the state and wrote a cookbook called "Tasting Colorado," and shared recipes for cowboy corn cakes and lamb sliders.
  3. Irene Rawlings on cast iron cooking while camping. Rawlings wrote "Cast Iron Cooking with Sisters on the Fly" about her culinary adventures while sleeping in trailers with women from Sisters on the Fly, which is like Girl Scouts for grown-ups.
  4. Elana Amsterdam on cooking gluten-, grain- and dairy-free. Amsterdam, who lives in Boulder, has a popular food blog.