Volunteers Find Unmarked Graves Of Black Civil War Soldiers In Pueblo Cemetery

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Photo: Civil War 5 Buffalo Soldiers American West
Two men from the the Buffalo Soldiers of the American West pay tribute to the recently found Civil War soldiers.

After the Civil War, about nine out of 10 former slaves stayed in former slave states. That's what makes a recent discovery in Pueblo so interesting.

A group of volunteers recently realized that of four Union soldiers buried there in unmarked graves in Roselawn Cemetery, three were African American. The volunteers worked to find out exactly where they were laid to rest, and the cemetery provided headstones for the men in a ceremony

We wanted to better understand what lured men --Cpl. Thomas Walker, 1st Lt. Louis Young and Pvts. George Washington and James Williams -- West after the war, so we spoke with Professor Paul Finkelman of the University of Pennsylvania, who is an expert on the American Civil War.

More photos from the ceremony are below.

Photo: Civil War 4 Buffalo Soldiers American West
Ray Philip Brown of the Buffalo Soldiers of the American West prepares to unveil a headstone.
Photo: Civil War 3 Ceremony Schedule
Photo: Civil War 2 Reenactors Honor Guard
Two of the men from the Buffalo Soldiers of the American West place flags beside the newly erected headstone for Private George Washington.